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    West Side Story

    West Side Story GoMovies

    In the slums of the upper West Side of Manhattan, New York, a gang of Polish-American teenagers called the Jets compete with a rival gang of recently immigrated Puerto Ricans, the Sharks, to “own” the neighborhood streets. Tensions are high between the gangs but two kids, one from each rival gang, fall in love leading to tragedy.

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    West Side Story GoMovies Review

    I liked the movie West Side Story, thanks to the boring dialogue between the characters and the really intriguing moment of their interaction with each other, 152 minutes of time were well spent.

    A brilliant script that was something out of the ordinary for 1961, coupled with skillful directorial work, turned this movie into an example of good cinematography.

    The main theme of the movie is not new for Crime, Drama, Romance, but the director managed to reveal it quite realistically, plus the characters are not made of cardboard, you want to analyze their actions.

    This movie can be disassembled into quotes, never before in 152 minutes I have not been able to experience such a wide range of emotions, Robert E. Relyea, Robert Wise just wrapped my soul on a fist.

    You fall in love with this movie from the first scene, Robert E. Relyea, Robert Wise thought through everything to the smallest detail: a cool acting game and a plot, in which, in addition to drive, there is also depth, they catch to the depths of the soul.

    The characters are interesting and not stereotyped, but the George Chakiris, Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Rita Moreno, Russ Tamblyn, Simon Oakland, who brought them to life, pumped up a little, because they did not always play their roles reliably, apparently, they could not fully feel their heroes.