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Valley of the Lanterns

Valley of the Lanterns GoMovies

An old woman’s hold on the past puts her family’s future in jeopardy.

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Valley of the Lanterns GoMovies Review

I liked the movie Valley of the Lanterns, thanks to the boring dialogue between the characters and the really intriguing moment of their interaction with each other, minutes of time were well spent.

He told me about this movie back in , but I managed to watch the movie only now, of course, it is plotting, it is difficult to restrain emotions while watching.

It was the first movie in the genre of , after which I had a double impression: on the one hand, it was interesting to watch the characters, and on the other, some of the actors clearly lacked experience.

In this movie, the concepts of `good` and `evil` are well intertwined, minutes fly by unnoticed, but after watching, there is a feeling of some kind of understatement.

Caleb Hystad created the very movie, after watching which you want to erase your memory in order to watch it again, and again, like for the first time, feel the whole range of vivid emotions.

Ian Hanlin, Jonathan Love, Nicole Oliver, Samantha Ferris were able to believably play the proposed characters, in modern cinema this is a great rarity, because not every actor is able to feel the character as himself.

IMDb: 5.0