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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat GoMovies

Greg Kielty’s life is turned upside down when his estranged brother Dan turns up, claiming to have drunkenly run someone over. But has Dan just murdered a gangster’s son? Or maybe there’s an even more sinister explanation.

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Trick or Treat GoMovies Review

Nowadays it is very rare to see movies that can really come in handy in real life, so Trick or Treat has become a truly valuable find for me.

This movie became the most memorable of those that I watched in 2019, because the ending, in my opinion, although correct, but at the same time very unexpected, at least it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Every time I come across a new movie in the genre of Crime, Thriller, I postpone everything, Trick or Treat pleasantly surprised me: a delightful plot that was revealed thanks to an emotional and live performance.

The movie is as multifaceted as our life is multifaceted, I advise you to postpone everything and spend 84 minutes on this movie watching.

I liked the director`s work, Edward Boase conveyed the human essence well, it was funny to recognize my acquaintances in typed characters.

Craig Kelly, Dean Lennox Kelly, Frances Barber, Hugo Speer, Jamie Sives, Jason Flemyng, Kris Marshall, Maimie McCoy, Shaun Parkes perform their roles in such a way that the acting itself is not visible, it seems that you are watching ordinary people who just live their lives.