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Superstore GoMovies

A hilarious workplace comedy about a unique family of employees at a super-sized mega store. From the bright-eyed newbies and the seen-it-all veterans to the clueless summer hires and the in-it-for-life managers, together they hilariously tackle the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters, riot-causing sales and nap-worthy training sessions.

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Superstore GoMovies Review

NBC changed the view of TV viewers about such a concept as a TV series, releasing in 2015 this masterpiece of human fantasy, in which there are a huge number of unrealistically cool characters.

This series, released in 2015, sunk into my soul, thanks to its striking characters who have both charisma and their own individual behaviors, it is interesting to watch how they change over the course of6.

I try not to miss a single series from Universal Television, I watch everything indiscriminately, I like something, something not very much, here Superstore is just the product in which everything pleases: dynamic scenes and dialogues, the work of operators and the play of actors.

The series conquered from the first episode and during the 6 my feelings for it did not cool down due to the fact that America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn, Lauren Ash, Mark McKinney, Nichole Bloom, Nico Santos perform their roles so well that it feels like this is not a game, but their real life, which we are allowed to observe.

The writers of the series are desperate experimenters, despite the use of typical Comedy plot twists in most episodes, each of them lasts 22 minutes and looks in the same breath, and then ends rather unexpectedly.

Views: 2760

Genre: Comedy



TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 22 min


TMDb: 7.2



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Estimated the next episode will come at 11.14.2019