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American Beauty Star

American Beauty Star GoMovies

12 competitors from all facets of the beauty industry are challenged to become the next American Beauty Star. Challenges include creating high-end magazine editorial looks and red carpet styles for a Hollywood premiere.

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American Beauty Star GoMovies Review

The most successful project is Lifetime, for 2 all the characters of the series have become for me, if not relatives, so surely friends, with many heroes I have a real merger, when you worry and rejoice for them as for yourself.

It is best to watch TV shows from Lifetime in the original, because no matter how good the guys involved in dubbing American Beauty Star are, they are not able to convey the intonation of the actor, and without it the real meaning of what was said cannot be fully felt.

Paradoxically, American Beauty Star did not become for me another, carbon-copy product from A+E Studios, on the contrary - the series is extremely life-affirming, every 60 minutes carries an entertaining and intelligible lesson.

It is worth paying tribute to for his skill, the first season of the series was released in the distant 2017, and now there are 2 in it, and my interest in American Beauty Star personally during this time has not weakened a single gram.

The series from A+E Studios grabbed my attention from the very first episode, during 18 I get a real thrill from a good camera work, a plot verified to the smallest detail and elaborate characters.

Views: 391

Genre: Reality


TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 60 min


TMDb: 8