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    Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

    Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage GoMovies

    An in-depth look at the Canadian rock band Rush, chronicling the band’s musical evolution from their progressive rock sound of the ’70s to their current heavy rock style

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    Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage GoMovies Review

    I liked the movie Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, thanks to the boring dialogue between the characters and the really intriguing moment of their interaction with each other, 107 minutes of time were well spent.

    A brilliant script that was something out of the ordinary for 2010, coupled with skillful directorial work, turned this movie into an example of good cinematography.

    It was the first movie in the genre of Documentary, Music, after which I had a double impression: on the one hand, it was interesting to watch the characters, and on the other, some of the actors clearly lacked experience.

    The movie turned out to be very organic, there is no other detail in it, perfectly balanced: dynamics, tension, musical accompaniment, 107 minutes flew by in one breath.

    You fall in love with this movie from the first scene, Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen thought through everything to the smallest detail: a cool acting game and a plot, in which, in addition to drive, there is also depth, they catch to the depths of the soul.

    The characters are interesting and not stereotyped, but the Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Gene Simmons, Jack Black, Neil Peart, Sebastian Bach, Taylor Hawkins, Terry Brown, who brought them to life, pumped up a little, because they did not always play their roles reliably, apparently, they could not fully feel their heroes.