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    Psycho GoMovies

    When larcenous real estate clerk Marion Crane goes on the lam with a wad of cash and hopes of starting a new life, she ends up at the notorious Bates Motel, where manager Norman Bates cares for his housebound mother. The place seems quirky, but fine… until Marion decides to take a shower.

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    Psycho GoMovies Review

    Psycho is not just a movie, it is life as it is, without embellishment, Alfred Hitchcock perfectly revealed the harsh, sometimes funny, but most importantly, real reality.

    The movie was released in 1960, its main advantage is a really solidly cobbled together plot, in which the main characters are correctly revealed.

    The main theme of the movie is not new for Drama, Horror, Thriller, but the director managed to reveal it quite realistically, plus the characters are not made of cardboard, you want to analyze their actions.

    Throughout the 109 minutes, I had the feeling that not today, but tomorrow, I will definitely meet them in the nearest supermarket or park.

    You fall in love with this movie from the first scene, Alfred Hitchcock thought through everything to the smallest detail: a cool acting game and a plot, in which, in addition to drive, there is also depth, they catch to the depths of the soul.

    The movie keeps tight grip on until the final credits, despite the fact that Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, John Gavin, John McIntire, Martin Balsam, Patricia Hitchcock, Simon Oakland, Vera Miles performed their roles rather weakly, probably Stanislavsky himself would have told them: `I don’t believe`.