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No Loss / No Gain

No Loss / No Gain GoMovies

A mysterious modern-day Robin Hood gives the victims of a bank robbery a million dollar opportunity.

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No Loss / No Gain GoMovies Review

No Loss / No Gain contains all the components of a successful movie: a twisted plot that unfolds with the help of unexpected and atypical twists, memorable characters and good actors: .

This movie became the most memorable of those that I watched in 2021, because the ending, in my opinion, although correct, but at the same time very unexpected, at least it will not leave anyone indifferent.

What I love about Thriller is that absolutely any movie made in this genre always has such an important component as an unrealistically cool musical accompaniment.

Throughout the minutes, I had the feeling that not today, but tomorrow, I will definitely meet them in the nearest supermarket or park.

Despite the dryish script in places, created a good movie: the atmosphere is perfectly conveyed, everything in the frame looks natural, each actor is in his place.

The characters are interesting and not stereotyped, but the , who brought them to life, pumped up a little, because they did not always play their roles reliably, apparently, they could not fully feel their heroes.

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Genre: Thriller