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Min-ussi o-neun nal

Min-ussi o-neun nal GoMovies

A young woman named Yeon-hee is traveling to Pyongyang with a coach full of elderly people. As she flips through old photographs, she remembers telling her husband Min-woo that she wouldn’t allow him to ”cross over” to North Korea given the political situation of the day. But Min-woo left anyway and never returned home, and their marriage was torn apart by the Korean War. Now, sixty years after the division of Korea, she looks forward to reuniting with her beloved Min-woo again.

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Min-ussi o-neun nal GoMovies Review

Min-ussi o-neun nal is a wonderful movie in which there is the very magic of cinema, which makes the viewer believe that he, opposing all opponents, overcomes any obstacles and cope with all life`s adversities.

A brilliant script that was something out of the ordinary for 2014, coupled with skillful directorial work, turned this movie into an example of good cinematography.

Every time I come across a new movie in the genre of Drama, Romance, I postpone everything, Min-ussi o-neun nal pleasantly surprised me: a delightful plot that was revealed thanks to an emotional and live performance.

This movie can be disassembled into quotes, never before in 28 min minutes I have not been able to experience such a wide range of emotions, Kang Je-gyu just wrapped my soul on a fist.

To my surprise, Kang Je-gyu managed to very succinctly and gracefully tell a seemingly ordinary story, in which each character deserves special attention.

Only talented actors are able to bring to life deep, multifaceted characters, this movie was lucky because it starred the real masters of transformation: Go Soo, Philip Rosch, Yoo Ho-jeong.

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IMDb: 7.4