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    Man and a Junior

    Man and a Junior GoMovies

    Antti Pasanen juggles between taking care of Paavo, his work and personal life, until Enni has an accident and he has two kids to take care of.

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    Man and a Junior GoMovies Review

    I liked the movie Man and a Junior, thanks to the boring dialogue between the characters and the really intriguing moment of their interaction with each other, 0 minutes of time were well spent.

    The movie is very good for 2019, a special respect for the defiant cast, demonstrating a very believable relationship, without a drop of pretense.

    It was the first movie in the genre of Comedy, after which I had a double impression: on the one hand, it was interesting to watch the characters, and on the other, some of the actors clearly lacked experience.

    Throughout the 0 minutes, I had the feeling that not today, but tomorrow, I will definitely meet them in the nearest supermarket or park.

    Tiina Lymi is a fine fellow, he didn’t place all his bets on the plot, but concentrated on spectacular artistic techniques: metaphorical and technical, which is why the movie turned out to be so catchy.

    Ellen Herler, Juha Muje, Kaj Kuosmanen, Kimmo Taavila, Marja Salo, Marjaana Maijala, Olavi von Bagh, Petteri Summanen, Ria Kataja, Santeri Helinheimo Mäntylä were able to believably play the proposed characters, in modern cinema this is a great rarity, because not every actor is able to feel the character as himself.