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Le train d’Hitler: bête d’acier

Le train d’Hitler: bête d’acier GoMovies

Trace the history of Hitler’s armored private train, a 15-car mobile headquarters boasting state-of-the-art communications and anti-aircraft cannons.

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Le train d\'Hitler: bête d\'acier GoMovies Review

Nowadays it is very rare to see movies that can really come in handy in real life, so Le train d\'Hitler: bête d\'acier has become a truly valuable find for me.

A wonderful movie with a twisted plot, which in 2017 was accompanied by great posters and promo shots, it was nice to see Philip Rosch in one project.

It was the first movie in the genre of Documentary, after which I had a double impression: on the one hand, it was interesting to watch the characters, and on the other, some of the actors clearly lacked experience.

set the movie at a frantic pace, all 53 min minutes, from start to finish, the action does not let go, while it goes harmoniously, without sudden jumps and plot failures.

Despite the dryish script in places, created a good movie: the atmosphere is perfectly conveyed, everything in the frame looks natural, each actor is in his place.

Philip Rosch perform their roles in such a way that the acting itself is not visible, it seems that you are watching ordinary people who just live their lives.

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Genre: Documentary




IMDb: 6.4