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    Double Indemnity

    Double Indemnity GoMovies

    A rich woman and a calculating insurance agent plot to kill her unsuspecting husband after he signs a double indemnity policy. Against a backdrop of distinctly Californian settings, the partners in crime plan the perfect murder to collect the insurance, which pays double if the death is accidental.

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    Double Indemnity GoMovies Review

    I liked the movie Double Indemnity, thanks to the boring dialogue between the characters and the really intriguing moment of their interaction with each other, 108 minutes of time were well spent.

    The movie was released in 1944, its main advantage is a really solidly cobbled together plot, in which the main characters are correctly revealed.

    After finishing watching this movie, I came to the conclusion that for the broadcasting of movies in the genre of Crime, Mystery, Thriller, some storylines do not fit at all in the period of time that is allotted to them, and simply require some kind of continuation and development.

    In this movie, the concepts of `good` and `evil` are well intertwined, 108 minutes fly by unnoticed, but after watching, there is a feeling of some kind of understatement.

    I liked the director`s work, Billy Wilder, Charles C. Coleman conveyed the human essence well, it was funny to recognize my acquaintances in typed characters.

    Without a good acting role, watching Double Indemnity would have been simply unbearable, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson, Fred MacMurray, Porter Hall managed to convey the characters of the characters so naturalistically that it is almost impossible to tear yourself away from what is happening on the screen.