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Do sing dai hang san goh chuen kei

Do sing dai hang san goh chuen kei GoMovies

Set in World War II, Casino Tycoon chronicles the story of Benny, a young graduate played by Andy Lau, who flees Hong-Kong during the Japanese invasion and heads for gambling haven Macau. Once in Macau, he impresses a local business man who has ties to organised crime, he slowly builds his way up in the ranks of the Macau underworld which ultimately leads to trouble.

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Do sing dai hang san goh chuen kei GoMovies Review

Do sing dai hang san goh chuen kei is not just a movie, it is life as it is, without embellishment, Wong Jing perfectly revealed the harsh, sometimes funny, but most importantly, real reality.

A brilliant script that was something out of the ordinary for 1992, coupled with skillful directorial work, turned this movie into an example of good cinematography.

What I love about Crime, Thriller is that absolutely any movie made in this genre always has such an important component as an unrealistically cool musical accompaniment.

Wong Jing set the movie at a frantic pace, all 133 min minutes, from start to finish, the action does not let go, while it goes harmoniously, without sudden jumps and plot failures.

I liked the director`s work, Wong Jing conveyed the human essence well, it was funny to recognize my acquaintances in typed characters.

Andy Lau, Creed Bratton, Diego Swing, Mama Hung, Pau Hei-Ching, Paul Chun Pui, Wong Yat-Fei were able to believably play the proposed characters, in modern cinema this is a great rarity, because not every actor is able to feel the character as himself.


IMDb: 6.1