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Dincolo de calea ferata

Dincolo de calea ferata GoMovies

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Dincolo de calea ferata GoMovies Review

Dincolo de calea ferata contains all the components of a successful movie: a twisted plot that unfolds with the help of unexpected and atypical twists, memorable characters and good actors: Alexandru Potocean, Claudiu Trandafir, Philip Rosch.

The movie was released in 2016, its main advantage is a really solidly cobbled together plot, in which the main characters are correctly revealed.

The main theme of the movie is not new for Drama, but the director managed to reveal it quite realistically, plus the characters are not made of cardboard, you want to analyze their actions.

set the movie at a frantic pace, all 88 min minutes, from start to finish, the action does not let go, while it goes harmoniously, without sudden jumps and plot failures.

I liked the director`s work, conveyed the human essence well, it was funny to recognize my acquaintances in typed characters.

Without a good acting role, watching Dincolo de calea ferata would have been simply unbearable, Alexandru Potocean, Claudiu Trandafir, Philip Rosch managed to convey the characters of the characters so naturalistically that it is almost impossible to tear yourself away from what is happening on the screen.


IMDb: 5.9