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Days of the Bagnold Summer

Days of the Bagnold Summer GoMovies

Sue works in a library. Daniel eats crisps and listens to Metallica. This was the summer Daniel was due to spend with his father and his father’s new wife in Florida. But when they cancel his trip at the last minute, Sue and Daniel suddenly face the prospect of six long weeks together.

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Days of the Bagnold Summer GoMovies Review

Days of the Bagnold Summer is not just a movie, it is life as it is, without embellishment, perfectly revealed the harsh, sometimes funny, but most importantly, real reality.

The movie is very good for 2019, a special respect for the defiant cast, demonstrating a very believable relationship, without a drop of pretense.

What I love about Comedy is that absolutely any movie made in this genre always has such an important component as an unrealistically cool musical accompaniment.

Throughout the 86 minutes, I had the feeling that not today, but tomorrow, I will definitely meet them in the nearest supermarket or park.

Despite the dryish script in places, created a good movie: the atmosphere is perfectly conveyed, everything in the frame looks natural, each actor is in his place.

The characters are interesting and not stereotyped, but the Alice Lowe, Earl Cave, Elliot Speller-Gillott, Grace Hogg-Robinson, Lesley Harcourt, Monica Dolan, Olivia Buckland, Rob Brydon, Tamsin Greig, who brought them to life, pumped up a little, because they did not always play their roles reliably, apparently, they could not fully feel their heroes.