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Asunder, One Flesh Divided

Asunder, One Flesh Divided GoMovies

Asunder focuses on the life of a successful, prospering, yet distant married couple who is thrust into the den of conflict and potential divorce after an incident changes their relationship forever. Will they be able to come back together the way God intended, or will they allow their marriage to be torn asunder? The film uses humor, suspense, and drama to explore the concept of commitment, and what it means to choose love above all things.

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Asunder, One Flesh Divided GoMovies Review

Asunder, One Flesh Divided is not just a movie, it is life as it is, without embellishment, Alana Barrett-Adkins, Essence Lee, John McFadden, Kendall Glaspie perfectly revealed the harsh, sometimes funny, but most importantly, real reality.

A brilliant script that was something out of the ordinary for 2020, coupled with skillful directorial work, turned this movie into an example of good cinematography.

What I love about Drama is that absolutely any movie made in this genre always has such an important component as an unrealistically cool musical accompaniment.

In this movie, the concepts of `good` and `evil` are well intertwined, 101 minutes fly by unnoticed, but after watching, there is a feeling of some kind of understatement.

You fall in love with this movie from the first scene, Alana Barrett-Adkins, Essence Lee, John McFadden, Kendall Glaspie thought through everything to the smallest detail: a cool acting game and a plot, in which, in addition to drive, there is also depth, they catch to the depths of the soul.

Only talented actors are able to bring to life deep, multifaceted characters, this movie was lucky because it starred the real masters of transformation: Alana Barrett-Adkins, Bethany Geraghty, Chrissy Rose, Christian "C King" King, Jamil Moore, Justin Crowley, Mariah Murray, Matthew Jones, Nfa Djba, Phillip Richards.