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All Day and a Night

All Day and a Night GoMovies

While serving life in prison, a young man looks back at the people, the circumstances and the system that set him on the path toward his crime.

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All Day and a Night GoMovies Review

Nowadays it is very rare to see movies that can really come in handy in real life, so All Day and a Night has become a truly valuable find for me.

The movie was released in 2020, its main advantage is a really solidly cobbled together plot, in which the main characters are correctly revealed.

The main theme of the movie is not new for Drama, but the director managed to reveal it quite realistically, plus the characters are not made of cardboard, you want to analyze their actions.

The movie turned out to be very organic, there is no other detail in it, perfectly balanced: dynamics, tension, musical accompaniment, 121 minutes flew by in one breath.

Despite the dryish script in places, Joe Robert Cole created a good movie: the atmosphere is perfectly conveyed, everything in the frame looks natural, each actor is in his place.

The movie keeps tight grip on until the final credits, despite the fact that Andrea Ellsworth, Ashton Sanders, Christopher Meyer, Isaiah John, Jalyn Hall, Jeffrey Wright, Kelly Jenrette, Regina Taylor, Shakira Ja'nai Paye, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II performed their roles rather weakly, probably Stanislavsky himself would have told them: `I don’t believe`.